Event Feedback

Tue, 2012-08-14 18:59 -- Harmony Tribe

 Please provide feedback, suggestions, ideas, or anything else that could help us to improve SHF for 2018. Dates are Aug 6-12th, 2018.

2018 SHF Rates, Registration will open soon!

until 12/31/2017  -   $125 for full week 75 for 3 day

Jan 1 – July 31 -  $150 for full week 95 for 3 day

Aug 1 – Gate  - $170 for full week 105 for 3 day

We particularly need to know about your festival experience :

  • ~ How was your arrival and registration process, were you made to feel welcome?
  • ~ Did you attend workshops and like our guests this year?

Kathy and Breighton Dawe / Bonnie Hanna-Powers / Kahla Wheeler-Rowan / Wade Mueller / Donna Clark / Bright Hawk and Hollis

Mami Wata / Darshana Music and Dance Workshops

  • ~ Did you like the variety of rituals this year, and attend them?

Rota Fest Opening / Reunion Opening Ritual / Wheat Ritual / Rites of Passage ; Croning and Memorial

Sumbel / Rangoli / Phoenix Ritual / Darshana Ritual / Closing Rota

  • ~ Did you attend the talent show and concerts?

Blues Night Concert / Talent Show and Community Feast / Bright Hawk Story Telling and Concert / Mami Wata Drum concert

  • ~ Should we continue to allow pets?
  • ~ What is the one thing you enjoy the most about SHF?
  • ~ What would most improve your Festival experience?
  • ~ Is there anything that would keep you away next year?

*** Some Theme ideas for 2018:  We are Light / Into the Cauldron / Out of the Cauldron and into the Fire.  Please send yours!

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