Our Next Council Meeting

Harmony Tribe, Inc Members Annual Meeting

Date: Saturday November 11th - 11am - 2pm

Location :  Lunds NE, 25 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

  2nd floor meeting room.


  • Spiritual Based Opening

  • HT statement of Values

  • Certify Voting members, members, and guests present.

  • Quorum 25% or more of voting members. Joined before May 31st, 10 hours of contribution

  • Vibe Watcher

  • Approval of old minutes

  • Approval of Agenda

Bursur's Annual Financial Report:


  • Submit Bylaws and Policy changes for member approval vote : Pre-approved by HT Council (see Google docs. Harmony Tribe Files : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7lzMx0h73R4VjZLeGxnRjU3YzQ )

  • Certify Voting list  of members

  • Accept nominations and conduct election – 51% of votes cast




OLD BUSINESS (tabled or delayed items):

  1.  Yule planning for Dec. 23rd, Got ritual?

  2. SHF Theme, Artwork, Guests, Musician confirmation

  3. Establish Paganicon committee

New Business (Any items added after Nov 5th)

Schedule next meeting(s)